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Christmas brings a lot of clutter.

Decorations. Gift wrap. Boxes. Unused gifts.

Since Christmas just passed, let’s go through how to deal with the Christmas clutter and start 2019 with an organized home!


1. Follow the one in, one out rule

The one in, one out rule is very effective for controlling clutter.

The way it works is for every gift you receive, get rid of one item you’re not using, is no longer in good shape, etc.

This way, your new gifts replace clutter and you’re not adding anything new into your home.


2. Go through your decorations

Take out all your Christmas decorations and put them in front of you.

Were there any Christmas decorations that you didn’t use this year? Toss them.

Go through the rest and get rid of the ones you no longer want.

Store the remaining decorations in clear containers so you can see how many you have. (This is a good idea to do with pretty much anything in your home. It’s hard to really get a feel for how much of something you have until you can actually see it).


3. Go through your gift bags

Gift bags are very easy to use but they’re also easy to accumulate.

Gather all your gift bags and recycle any that you’re not using or that have seen better days.

Start using wrapping paper instead. Don’t keep it for reuse. Recycle it after you’re done instead. This way, it’s not being wasted and it’s also not accumulating in your house.

Keep all your wrapping paper in one place so you can see how much you have. This prevents you from constantly buying new wrapping paper thinking that you need it and letting it all build up, rather than actually using it.


4. Get rid of all the boxes and packaging

Christmas usually comes with a lot of boxes and packaging so gather them all, rip them up, and recycle them.


5. Go through your Christmas card collection

Keep the ones that are very special to you and recycle the rest.


6. Be mindful when asking for gifts

Ask for clutter free gifts not just for Christmas but for your birthday too.

Clutter free gifts are consumable things or experiences such as movie tickets. Gift cards are also helpful (I love getting gift cards for stores and restaurants I love!).

If there is an item that you need to make your life easier or make your life more pleasant and you know it won’t end up as clutter, then go ahead and ask for that too.


7. Be mindful when giving gifts too

Give clutter free gifts too. Other people don’t need clutter.

Or if they’re asking for something they really need or you know of something they really need, get it for them.


8. Find a place for your new gifts

Place new items in their new home. Put them in places that make sense.

Add gift cards to your online accounts when you can and place the rest in your wallet.


9. Do something with the gifts you haven’t used

Everyone receives gifts that they never ended up using.

I’ve received several gifts before that I know I’ll never use. But I appreciate the fact that that person thought of me and decided to get me a gift. (Remember, it’s the thought that counts so don’t feel guilty for getting rid of a gift).

Give them to someone else, donate them, or sell them. Put them to good use rather than letting them collect dust!


10. Get rid of duplicate gifts

If you received a gift that you already have, get rid of the old one and keep the new one. Or keep the one you like better.

If you can, you can also return it to the store and exchange it for something you’ll get good use from.


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