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Everything I write about on this personal blog are my own opinions and are based on my own experiences. Any views or opinions represented on this blog are personal and belong solely to me, the blog owner.

Although I work to keep the information on this blog as accurate as possible, they are not to be taken as fact since I am not an expert on any of the topics covered in this blog.

If you use my tips or recommendations and are injured or otherwise as a result, Light Living cannot be held responsible.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me if you find any errors in any posts or any broken links.


Comments are the sole responsibility of their writers. Comments that are harsh, contain profanity, intended to advertise, or contain spam will be deleted.


You may use any images from this blog on your own site, social media networks, or elsewhere but there must be credit given by linking back to the post or webpage the image or content originated from. Links back to posts on my blog referencing my content are always appreciated as well.

Unless otherwise noted, this website reserves all rights to all content and material on this blog and no one else is allowed to use it to reprint, publish, or otherwise reproduce in any form whatsoever without my explicit and written consent.


I use affiliate links as a way to pay for this site so you will see them throughout the blog. You can read more about my affiliate policy here.

Light Living is not responsible for the actions of any affiliated company or website. These companies and websites have separate and independent terms. I therefore have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites.

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting my blog!


Valid starting June 2017.

Last Edited: November 23, 2018.