Have you ever met one of those people that always seems to have a super clean house, even if you come over on short notice?

Well, there’s a way they do it! I’m gonna run through the 3 things you can do to keep your house clean by barely doing anything!


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1. Spot Clean

When you’re doing something unrelated to cleaning and you see something on the floor or a lot of dust build-up or a spill on the table, clean it.

For example, if you’re brushing your teeth and you see a nasty spot in the sink, take the 5 seconds to clean it.

Rather than letting all the dirt and mess in your house build up and saving one day to run around and do it all, do it as you go. This saves so much time in the long run!


2. Spread it Out

Spot cleaning obviously doesn’t cover bigger chores like vacuuming or washing the floors so set aside time to do these things. But don’t cram it all in one day.

Let’s say you have company coming over on Saturday. Maybe try vacuuming on Tuesday and then washing the floors on Thursday or whenever you find time in your week to do these things.

By spot cleaning, your house is already fairly clean and by spreading these chores out, you’re getting the bigger things done without exhausting yourself so you’re still able to enjoy your company.


3. Delegate

If you live with someone else, get them to pitch in rather than putting all the chores on yourself. This will lighten the load on you and you can have fun cleaning with your family/roommates/spouse!


Try these three things and watch how your home stays tidy.

Also, I hear about the 2-minute rule a LOT and I think it’s a very smart thing to follow: If you can do it 2 minutes, do it now.


How do you keep your home clean?



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