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So let’s say you’ve decluttered all you can.

You’ve cleaned and organized every inch of your house and yet it still seems like stuff is everywhere.

Maybe you have very little counter room or storage room.

Or maybe there’s simply too much stuff sitting around on the floor.

I’ve been there, trust me. So I’m going to share with you 7 things that you can do to take your home organization further and make your house look even more organized!

1. Download my decluttering checklist and put it to work

The most obvious thing you can do first is to make sure that all the clutter is actually gone and what better way to remove it than with a checklist to keep it quick and easy?

Check out my decluttering checklist and get to decluttering!

free decluttering checklist


2. Clear off all surfaces

This includes the counters and tables, but also the floors. Clean and wash all of those surfaces. Your home will start looking super clean already!

Usually, this will involve cleaning up any clutter that may have made its way onto the kitchen counter or the coffee table or maybe your kids’ toys or your pet’s toys are all over the floor.

I have a cat and dog and they regularly have their toys scattered all over the floor and I always just kept them there because they love playing with them but one day, I picked them all up and I was amazed at how much cleaner the living room looked!

3. Keep your garbage under the sink

This will reduce the number of things on your kitchen floor, it’ll reduce the smell, and garbages aren’t pretty anyway. 🙂

4. Take advantage of the space under your bathroom sink and in the bathroom drawers

Rather than keeping things scattered across the bathroom counter, try organizing the bathroom drawers and cupboards to make space for those things.

I find that using an under-the-sink shelving unit really helps because it keeps everything visible, accessible, and organized. Not to mention, it’s an amazing space saver because it utilizes the vertical space under the sink.

The only things I keep on my bathroom counter are soap, our toothbrushes, lotion, and a small container of cotton pads because I use these every day.

5. Try a little bit of on-the-wall storage

Now, obviously don’t go crazy with this because otherwise, it’ll just look like you put all your clutter on the walls but some on-the-wall storage here and there is a great thing to have to keep things off tables and floors!

6. Put appliances you don’t use every day in a drawer or cupboard rather than storing them on the counter

The only thing that should be on your kitchen counters are things you use every day.

In my case, I have a Keurig coffee maker (I’m an avid tea drinker and my boyfriend loves his coffee), a blender because we make fruit smoothies a lot, cooking utensils in a container, and our microwave.

7. Clear off the fridge (on it and on top of it)

This includes all the magnets/papers/calendars sticking on the fridge and all the junk on top of it.

One calendar and a few magnets are probably enough and just the important papers that you need to see every day. As for on top of the fridge, you can probably put everything where it belongs, except for maybe a couple things that make sense to keep up there.

For our household, we have a shopping list pad, a whiteboard for to-dos and reminders, and a few magnets. On top of our fridge, we have the whiteboard marker and eraser and my boyfriend’s keys, wallet, etc. because our fridge is next to our front door so that just makes sense for us.

Got any extra organizing tips that I missed? Share in the comments! I’d love to hear them!


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