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If you struggle with body acne, face acne, enlarged pores, dull or dry hair or whatever else you can think of, believe it or not, it could be something you’re doing (or not doing) in the shower!

So here are 10 things (in order) that you should be doing in the shower to come out feeling squeaky clean and glowing all over!


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1. Brush your hair before going into the shower

This will get out any tangles you may have to prevent yourself from having to yank them out while your hair is wet. Wet hair is much weaker than dry hair.

Plus, it just makes it a lot easier to wash your hair.


2. Rinse really well

Using a comfortably warm water temperature (not hot because that dries out your skin), rinse your whole body off really well and make sure you get every single hair strand wet.


3. Only shampoo the roots

The roots are where your hair gets greasy so lather them up really well using a back and forth motion. Don’t forget the nape of the neck! It accumulates a lot of oil. When you’re done, run the suds down to the ends.

Sidenote: I absolutely love this shampoo because it cleans your hair without drying it out.


4. Rinse to the side

When rinsing your shampoo and conditioner, rinse it off to the sides rather than have it all run down your back. This is a GREAT way to reduce, and possibly even eliminate back acne! Also, make sure you rinse all of the shampoo and conditioner out, which leads to the next tip.


5. Don’t leave conditioner in

Your hair actually takes in the nutrients of conditioner fairly quickly! The reason for this is because the warm water from the shower has opened up your hair follicles enough to let the conditioner’s nutrients in; no need to wait!

Focus the conditioner on the ends, rather than the roots. If you work the conditioner into your roots, your hair will look greasy more quickly. Using a comb or your fingers, comb through your ends to make sure the conditioner coats all your hair. Then rinse it all out, again rinsing off to the side.

I love using argan oil conditioners like this one because they leave my hair silky and soft. Coconut milk is also amazing at making hair silky.


6. Try a shower cap

I put my hair up in a shower cap when I move on to my body and face. This keeps your hair (and any runoff) off of your back while you wash (and shave) to prevent breakouts.


7. Don’t forget to wash your back!

Using your favourite shower gel/body cleanser, clean your entire body. I suggest staying away from bar soap because it leaves residue behind which isn’t good for your skin.

Also, if you use a loofah, make sure you’re replacing it frequently (every 3 months or so) because they are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Make sure to get your chest and back very well to clean out any gunk (mainly conditioner run off) and reduce acne if you suffer from it in those areas.

Can’t reach your whole back? Use a loofah with a handle.


8. Try conditioner as a shaving cream

Conditioner softens up all those hair follicles as well as your skin, plus it reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and razor bumps!

Make sure you’re washing your body before picking up your razor to remove any dirt and grime first.

Even better, exfoliate your legs with a gentle body scrub before shaving to remove any dead skin cells that can clog up your razor. Clogged razors don’t shave well.


9. Save your face for last

Washing your face last is beneficial because it’ll clean off any shampoo or conditioner that got on your face. But make sure that the water is not too warm on your face since the skin is more delicate.


10. Run cool/lukewarm water at the end

Run your face, body, and hair under cool water to refresh your skin and leave your hair with an extra shine! Plus, if you do enjoy hot showers, this will at least give your skin a bit of a break!

The most life-changing thing that I did was start using a shower cap. I have never had a problem with back acne since!


How do you take care of your skin in the shower?



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